Working in IT: 6 Key Skills that will Get you Hired

If you are someone that has gained the necessary qualifications, then you may be looking for a job in IT. When it comes to picking out routes of study, it is always recommended that we go for IT as that is a guaranteed job. However, if you have ever attempted to get a job in It, you will know that it can be quite a challenge.  

There are lots of people that will be aiming for the exact job that you want and so the best way to secure a potential job is to have the right skills. Here are 6 key skills that will get you hired in IT. If you feel as though you have these skills, why not put your name out there on


 It is a common misconception that those that work in IT spend their entire life separated from the outside world. The truth is, that a large part of working in IT is actually dependent on you being able to communicate with other people, many of whom will have absolutely no understanding of IT. To succeed you have to be patient and be able to explain things to them. 


This may seem like an obvious one, but in order to be able to get hired for a job in IT, you need to have a pretty in-depth understanding of IT. Some people will apply for a position thinking that simply knowing how to use Excel is enough, but it isn’t. 

Time Management  

The working day for someone that is working in IT can get pretty busy. You have to jump in between phone calls and head out to offer IT support, all while completing whatever tasks you have been set by your boss for the day. For people with poor time management skills, the idea of doing this may be overwhelming and if you find yourself getting so easily overwhelmed, then perhaps IT isn’t the career for you. 

Problem Solving 

Problem Solving is a must-have skill in the world of IT. You are going to be spending a lot of time diagnosing issues and trying to figure out what is wrong with a computer or other device. There will be a lot of situations where you want to give up in the world of IT, but you can’t. For you to be successful in the world of IT you need to be able to solve problems quickly and diagnose hard-to-see IT problems.  


There is never just one person working in an IT department and there is usually a small team that works together to get stuff done. In order for you to be successful in the world of IT, you need to have some leadership skills. This isn’t only when it comes to directing your team, but a lot of the time you will be helping someone out over the phone,  so you will need to be able to lead someone through a difficult task.  


As I have stated numerous times, working in IT can be extremely hard. If you are someone that finds that they give up easily once times get a little hard, then you definitely will not find success in the world of IT. You need to be able to keep going until you find a solution to whatever IT problem you or someone else is having. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to work it out and other times it can take days, either way, you need to ensure that you’ll be willing to sit through it.  

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