The Pros and Cons of Using Digital Advertising

Digital advertising makes up a huge portion of most businesses marketing strategies, in the age of technology that we find ourselves it has become more effective and beneficial for your business to spread the word about your products and services using an online platform than the more dated methods like television adverts, radio, and physical advertising through things like leaflets and posters. Using the digital medium you can reach so many people by simply reaching out using your phone or computer, it takes a few seconds to do but has the opportunity to significantly increase your profits and attract more people to start using your company. 



The biggest positive when it comes to digital marketing is its affordability and ease of use, when conducting your marketing over social media you can very easily set up your account and start posting immediately. You should include photography, prices, and notifications of any sales or special offers you are holding, putting together a few basic posts to inform your followers and hopefully attract more people to buy from you is a small price to pay if you are looking to bring your company success.  

Another way that digital advertising could really help out your business is that it is perfect for smaller businesses, when you are just starting out it can be very hard to get started especially when you are worrying about finances. No matter how much money you have available for marketing you can use social media to advertise for very little costs, social media accounts are free to set up and all you really need to manage it and record content for it would be your smartphone. For a small business that is just getting started, it would be a smart move to do this before you can start spending more money on your marketing techniques.  

Finally, another positive aspect of using digital marketing as your primary form of advertising within your business would be to use digital marketing techniques such as using technology to create your content like videos and leaflets. Photoshop and artwork software are so readily available that if you are lucky enough to have a creative streak in you you should be able to put together some nice pieces that can either be posted onto your social media pages, or you can display them using one of the range of screens for digital advertising to show people what you are offering as a business and hopefully encourage more people to spend money with you rather than a competitor.  



Although it should be noted that digital marketing is very versatile and the methods can be tailored to fit any situation there are some negatives and factors that you should consider. Digital marketing trends take place on an online platform so it can be hard to reach people of certain age groups who may not be active on the internet and social media. In order to combat this, I would reserve some of your budgets to ensure marketing steps are put in place to target people who may not be aware of your presence online. If you stick with advertising solely using social media and digital methods you are limiting your range to people who are active online only.  

Another negative that you need to consider before you start your digital advertising strategies would be that it can become very easy to lose track of your progress, if you become complacent in your strategies it is likely that over time the effects and success rates will deteriorate significantly, which is why it is crucial to monitor the response you get and make changes accordingly.   

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