The DIY Guide to Basic Mobile Phone Repair

We’ve all been there in the unfortunate case when you accidentally damage your phone, hopeful that everything is okay you find that something is damaged. Getting your phone repaired at the shop can be very expensive and especially if your phone is quite old it can seem like the cost of a repair isn’t worth the phone’s quality. In the case of your phone having minor issues, you could actually save a lot of money if you were to repair the phone yourself. There are many online resources available from a professional source that can help you to fix your phone yourself and save the hassle of having to take your phone to a repair store.


Charging Issues

If you find that your phone is experiencing issues with charging then there are a number of things that you can do to try and found the root of the issue and resolve it yourself. The first place you should look at for a charging problem is your phone’s charging port, using a can of compressed air or a cotton bud to clean out the port of any dust or debris that may be causing your phone’s problem. If it is still not working after you have cleaned it out then you may have to look online to find a replacement charging port, these are pretty inexpensive and usually come with everything you need to install the part to your phone. There are many video tutorials available online that will take you through the repair process and although it may be a bit nerve-wracking the process is usually very simple.


Fixing Your Screen

Having a smashed screen is very annoying and the longer you leave it unrepaired the more likely it is that the damage will worsen as the screen is left in a weakened state, if you are not able to fix your phone screen immediately I would highly recommend that you invest in a screen protector to keep the glass in place and protect your fingers from being cut. If you want to repair your phone screen yourself then you will have to find a replacement screen and installation kit online, these are usually pretty inexpensive especially in comparison to the fee that some shops charge. There are many screen replacement tutorials online that will take you through the necessary steps to repair your screen yourself.


Battery Issues

It is very important that you get any problems with your phone’s battery fixed immediately as it can cause lasting damage to your phone and if it overheats can be potentially very dangerous. If you are lucky enough to have a phone where the battery can be accessed then you are lucky as you will just need to buy a replacement. However, most new phones have a permanently installed battery that cannot be accessed without taking your phone apart, once you have bought all of the tools and the lg v20 battery replacement you should take the back panel of your phone and replace the battery making sure that you take care of the delicate components.


Microphone Problems

A microphone issue is usually caused by a blockage or dirt or by being damaged to the point of needing a replacement, if a replacement is needed then you can source everything you need online including a tutorial detailing how to carry out the repair. If you need to clean the socket then either use a cotton bud or compressed air to remove any debris that may be covering the microphone and affecting the sound quality.

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