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Software Development Life Cycle And Its Benefits

A computer is a device that makes our task easier that could take much more to do manually. A computer has mainly two parts


  • Hardware is any component of a computer that can be touched from your finger and can be seen from your eyes.
  • There are different parts in a computer that is considered hardware. Some of them are monitor, mouse, CPU, keyboard, etc.


  • A set of codes or instructions that tells the computer hardware or the mobile device to do certain tasks is known as software.
  • These are the program so it has no physical appearance. You can not touch or see the software. You can only copy or store or edit the program files of the software to change the working of the software.
  • Even the hardware of the device works on the instructions given by this software.


Types of software

There are mainly two types of software. They are

System software

The system software is software that works on the internal functioning of the computer through the operating system. The operating system controls this software and other parts of the computer like monitor, mouse, keyboard, printers, and even storage devices. The operating system is considered to be the best working system software. The users don’t have any direct interaction with the system software.

Application software

Application software is a type of software where the user is directly interacting with the software by using its functionality or doing any task that it is made for. Some of the application software is ms word, any web browser, any game, or even the editor where you write your code to make any software.


System development Life Cycle or SDLC

The process of creating software from the concept on which the software is going to work is known as software development. During the development of the software, there are different phases through which a software development passes through and these different phases altogether are known as the system development life cycle. The life cycle of the development is to maintain the quality of the software and keep a track of the overall process of development.

There are basically 6 stages of the software development life cycle. They are

Planning and analysis of requirements

This basically means that every software you are using today was first planned to create by someone and after proper planning, an analysis was done on the tools or any other things required for the development of that particular software. Maybe it can be any tools that can make the development easier or the developer who is going to create the software.

Defining requirements

After the planning and analysis of the requirements, the next step is to define the requirements to the client if you are making it someone else. Here the analysts check the requirements mentioned and then confirm whether they need all the requirements mentioned or any of them can be neglected.

Designing and architecture

After finalizing the requirements, the design of the software is done. The design here means a rough diagram of the working of the software or the architecture of the software. Different types of designs and architectures are created and then a final design is chosen among all of them on certain criteria. Those criteria are

  • Risk assessment
  • Software robustness
  • Design modularity
  • Time constraints

Seeing all the parameters, the best design is chosen from all the designs proposed.

Developing the software

This is the stage of SDLC where the actual development of the software is started. The programmer starts coding the software in the way the design of the software was created. This helps the programmer to code in an organized way as they have to code thousand and thousand of lines of code for different functionalities and if they code in an unorganized way then it can take much time to complete the development and would be harder for the developer to organize it.

Testing the software

Testing is mainly done at every stage of the development cycle but testing at this stage is done to check the working of the software at all the conditions. Any errors found while the testing is reported, tracked then it’s fixed and the testing is done till the software passes all the test cases.

Deployment or launching in the market

After the testing is done, the software is then launched in the market for everyone who needs it. But some companies launch the software beta version for checking if there’s any more problem after the launch. If any problem is found then the error is fixed and is launched again and if any error occurs after the launch then it error is fixed with an update released by the company. These updates are sometimes even for adding new features to the software.


Advantages of SDLC

There are various advantages of SDLC. Some of them are

  • Following all the stages of SDLC helps in achieving the goal with precision. Each error is fixed at its stage and the result is a perfectly working software.
  • Any of the stages can’t be skipped to go on to the next step until it’s signed by the project manager so the software created is checked many times to make it work perfectly.
  • Many of the tests are done before installing the software in the user’s system by installing it on different types of devices working on different os and devices working on different conditions so there’s no problem while installing it on the user’s computer.
  • Sdlc helps in keeping a track of each step so if any important member during the development leaves the project then it can be handled by someone else without any hassle
  • If there’s no track during SDLC then any new member taking the responsibility can get confused and it could take more than usual time or it can even ruin the entire project.
  • Keeping a track of development in SDLC help in estimating the time and cost of the project and thus helping the project manager to deliver the project in the estimated time and at the estimated cost.
  • There’s checking at each stage and then the next stage is started so it can help in getting an error-free stage at every level.

Sdlc is found to be the best solution while the development of the project as with the track of each stage’s work, the time and cost can be estimated and both of them can even be minimized.

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