Recycling Tech: What Old Kit can you Make Use Of

There is nothing worse than a piece of tech breaking. When your technology breaks, you often feel as though you have two options. You can either spend ridiculous prices to get your old technology fixed or you can just throw it away. Most people choose to throw away their kit with very little thought about where it is going. All of the technology that you throw away just ends up in landfills when you could take the technology apart and make use of some of the pieces.

For the average person, being able to make use of broken technology may seem out of your skillset. This really isn’t the case, as utilizing some broken tech is actually really straightforward. Who knows, after reading this article you may end up looking for discounts on electronics that you can recycle.


Computer monitor cat bed

A new and fun trend that has taken the world by storm is making a cat bed out of a dated computer monitor.  Many of us have our old computer monitors tucked away in the attic somewhere that we have some sort of nostalgic attachment to. Instead of just throwing it away, you can get creative with it.

If you take out all of the internal components of your old monitor screen, you should be left with a shell that is the perfect size for a cat bed. All you need to do is add some cushions to the bottom and maybe decorate the outside, you can then place this on any surface of your home and you will get a really trendy decorative piece with some practical use.

Reuse your computer fan as just a fan

If your computer decides to stop working, the best thing you can do is take it apart and try and work out which pieces still work. Just because the whole thing doesn’t work together does not mean that everything within it is broken.

If your fan still works but you can’t find any place for it, you could always use it as a desk fan. You can link the fan up directly to your laptop or computer using a USB cable, or even just plug it into the wall. This will be a cheap alternative to purchasing a brand new desk fan and will save you money in the future.

Make a keychain out of your CPU

If you are someone that is into tech or just nerdy stuff, then you may want something that represents this. If your CPU stops working or you have no use for it anymore, you can transform it into a quirky keychain. The process is actually very straightforward and all you need to do is sand down any sharp edges that may be on the CPU. You can also add a glossy varnish to the CPU to make it look good and durable against wear and tear. The keychain will make a fantastic addition to any set of keys you may have.

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