How To Say I Love Robotics In Spanish?

How To Say I Love Robotics In Spanish?

The company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

How Do You Say Robot In Spanish?

  • The Spanish alphabet (SPA) is pronounced rroh.
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is ro. – *ot.
  • The Spanish alphabet (ABC) ro. – bot.
  • What Does Bot Mean In Spanish?

    Principal Translations



    bot n

    (automated computer program)

    bot nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.

    robot nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.

    Tickets sell out so quickly online that you will need a bot to even have a chance.

    What Does Tengo Muy Calor?

    Tengo calor – I’m hot. It is important to use mucho, which means a lot of it. The following would be the result: Hace mucho calor afuera- It’s very hot outside, or literally: It’s very hot outside.

    What Is The Plural Of Robot In Spanish?

    A robot that is plural in form. [m/pl] robots.

    What Does Lela Mean In Spanish Slang?

    The word lela is pronounced feminine, speechless, andadjectively.

    What Does Cizana Mean In Spanish?

    Ciza*a is a word that means darnel or cockle.

    What Does Pedrera Mean?

    “La Pedrera” is the nickname given to the quarry, which means “the quarry”.

    What Is Spanish Netspeak?

    The Internet is a language that uses informal terms (informal) or formal terms (informal) [*netspi*k ] (= internet jargon).

    What Does Mot Mean In Spanish?

    An abbreviation for a noun. Ministry of Transport (Ministry of Transport) ) MOT test (also called the Ministry of Transport test) is an exam conducted by the Inspeccin f Técnica de Vehculos (Spain) and ITV (Spain).

    What Does Bo Mean In Spanish Slang?

    An abbreviation for a noun. The smell of the body (or the smell of the body).

    What Does Innit Mean In Spanish?

    Jeremias edited the article. Jeremias posted this. Isn’t it, or innit, is a slang term for “ain’t it”.

    Does Tata Mean In Spanish?

    A masculine noun (Latin America) that means a father (informal) that means a son (informal).

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