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What is software development?

Software development is a computer science activity used to build a computer program by creating, designing, deploying, and maintaining software. It is used by almost all people using smart phones, computer systems, and any other kind of computerized technology.

Software engineering and software development is important as specific software or program is required in every type of industry and in every kind of business. It helps in the management and daily operations of a business. This is why it becomes very important to improve the company’s performance to keep up with the latest advancements and technology. Software development technology can help in the fast, efficient or effective fix in a business. Software is designed by a software developer or designer who has acquired knowledge and skill in software engineering and development.

Who is a Software Developer?

A software developer is the one who design new software keeping in regard the users need and demand. A software developer knows all the tools and tactics involved in the software development process. Software development is generally done by programmers, software developers, and software engineers.
What are the skills required to become a Software Developer –

Coding/Programming – Coding refers to the programming language used in a computer to perform actions accordingly. It is used to communicate with computers while working for the development of websites, apps, etc.

Mathematical aptitude/Problem-solving – It is beyond basic maths. It is the knowledge of problem-solving and complex arithmetics.

Programming language – It is based on the input and output data to implement algorithms. The programming language is used to give a set of instructions to the computer.

Basics of Testing – It is used to see whether the final result is up to the expectations and if the final execution does justice to the initial idea.

Time Management – Time management is very crucial for the completion of a task before the deadline.

Types of Software –

Softwares are divided into three major broad category

Application Software – The computer program that helps the user to perform a task that has been designed for end-users.

System Software – It controls the functioning of a computer through internal functioning by an operating system.

Web application – It is a computer program that uses internet browsers and technology to perform activities on the Internet.

What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

SDLC is a systematic way of making a software program. This comprises steps such as designing, developing, and testing high-quality software. It is used by software industries to obtain excellent software even beyond the customer’s expectation. This cycle should be completed within a decided cost and time-tenure.

Certain steps are followed to complete the software development life cycle (SDLC) –

This cycle is based on the exchange of ideas, interaction, consideration of demands between the customer and service provider. The final phase is the successful execution of ideas and satisfaction of both the customer and the service provider.

Planning – The initial phase where an idea/thought of the ‘about to begin’ software originates and is discussed between the service provider and the customer.

Defining/Analysis – Estimation of the cost, time-tenure by the service provider and the customer after which the formal documentation (SRS) process is done.

Designing – Functioning, modules, layout, and the overall design comes under this phase.

Coding/Implementation – This depends upon the platform and the technology being used to develop the software.

Testing – Different levels of testing phases like integration testing, unit testing, system testing, alpha-beta testing etcetera are done to see the real progress and working of the software. The two types of testing are white box testing and black box testing

Deployment/Maintenance – Technical support and assistance provided.

Importance of Software Development –

Software development adds uniqueness and creativity to a business. It helps to encourage any association/organization/business over the internet. Every industry can’t work on the same panel and terms so this provides a specific software for each industry. Software development helps to create and maintain a framework. Software development adds a competitive advantage to an organization compared to its rivals in the same sector it increases the quality of the business and its services.
Ethics to be followed by a Software developer –

· Contribute to social welfare – One should concentrate on making programs that work by reducing any negativity and make work easy for society. One should focus on setting standards.
· Privacy policy and safety should be maintained – Not taking advantage of the safe and secure policies of any organization, users, or anyone. Violation of privacy policy should never be done. Coding errors should be avoided.
· Be honest and reliable – Never give false information about an organization and even about yourself when talking about your knowledge of experience and tools while working in the industry. This honesty makes you build trust and knowledge with the organization for future reference. Dishonesty might give you temporary work but is harmful to the future. No one would ever recommend you for further work.
· Give proper credit for intellectual property. One should always give credit and recognition to the owner of any idea/presentation. Taking credit for someone else’s work should be avoided. Even if there is no copyright it is the responsibility of a person to give recognition to whom it belongs.
· Maintain confidentiality/Authenticity – Authenticity and confidentiality should always be maintained. Everything is not for everyone. Some information has to be kept a secret to protect the information related to the customer/organization or any plan/statement or idea.
Morality and ethics are something that a person should always abide by while pursuing their respective fields. This ensures the trust, clarity, honesty, and hard work of the person. For a software developer, this ensures the activity of a software developer of making choices that affect and have an impact on other people. This includes the guidelines and principles to be followed by a software developer. The internet is a platform that has the knowledge and information about almost the whole world today. It also has the information about our data which needs to be protected for the safety and security of a persons’ wellbeing, economy, personal life, and more.

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