Basics Of Software Development For A Layman

To put it simply, software development is the creation of all the things that you see on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an app to buy some groceries or add clothes to your wishlist or you’re editing a Google Doc so that you can submit your assignment for tomorrow–all of it has been developed.  If one were to go and learn software development, it would take them more than years to just learn the basics which is why all the software developers that you meet are brilliant and almost always have bad eyesight. While the bad eyesight can be because they have to stay at screens for a living, the brilliance comes from knowing the amount of power they have as admins of certain webpages or applications and not abusing it or stopping people who want to manipulate data from coming inside.

Basic Buildup

If you are on your desktop or laptop right now, go ahead and press the key F12 and marvel at what shows up. What you are seeing right now is the basic buildup of what application or website you are using.

There are numerous websites and applications out there that have been made since probably time unknown. They have been made using certain languages that stem off of non-binary and you’ve probably heard the names of them. Some of the languages that are better known than their peers are JavaScript, Python, and C++.  If you want to know more about these languages, and you probably do, then there are easy online courses offered everywhere and anywhere so go ahead and search to relieve your curiosity.

Most of the time, when software has to be developed, there are codes written in a language that is compatible for both the developer and the platform the applications to be put upon. These codes are either borrowed from already built libraries of languages used for software development or they’re made from scratch by the coder/developer.

The latter is obviously more time-consuming and takes a lot out of the developer and usually the team that the developer is working with than the former from which the coder or developer only has to import certain terms that are important in the code that has to be built.


So usually software development happens by people in teams because it’s pretty hard to pull off making a whole website or an application in a limited period without any help from anyone.

Because software development happens in teams, it’s a very structured and planned process. Not only do these teams have to constantly keep in touch with the client who wants the application or the website to be made so as both parties know what is to be made and how it is to be implemented but also necessary changes can be brought in whenever required. And as you can probably imagine, because this is such a hefty process, software developers are also paid quite well for the work they do. Their work consists of a lot of things including but not limited to making cards, training models so that they don’t have to work as hard in the future, and straining their eyes to finding the smallest mistakes so that they don’t affect the website/app that is being made.

Not just that, once an application or website’s code is finished, they have to make sure that we have installed proper security to ensure no malware or a hacker can come in. And you guessed it, there are different codes for that too.


The work of a software developer extends from purely developing sites for clients to selling some of their projects on the market.  Most software developers do their work in developing and this they do by identifying the problem that needs to be solved, the methodologies that they need to adopt to solve said problem, installing and then getting on to testing a software system that they built from roots for either themselves, an experiment or a client.

Once that is all wrapped up, they have to come back and keep on updating the code of the website or the application so that it stays in with the times and keeps on working following the requests it receives.

In short, software developers create applications that allow you to perform specific tasks on your desktop or laptop or even your phone. They also help in developing underlying systems that help in controlling networks.


Because a lot of you will be interested in what kind of languages are used in software development, you should at least know about the top eight that are used not only the most frequently but are also super easy to learn. While the super easy to learn part might be subjective, these languages are mostly used in software development which has led to their popularity and their popularity has also led them to be used a lot in software development.  As has been said before the languages that are to be used in coding a specific application or website have to be compatible with the platform it is being put upon. For example, HTML is no longer as popular as it used to be and people are writing more codes in REACT JS.

All these languages are there specific terms that lead to the development of more libraries for different languages and software development is always an ongoing process. When it comes to the languages that are usually used for coding, Python would probably be the highest-ranking one. After Python comes in Java, Ruby, C or C++, Lisp, Matlab, and SQL. Most of these languages are high-performing ones which mean they are used a lot to perform different functions and they can perform these functions way better than the languages that are probably in development right now.

Now that you have read this article, you can proudly claim that you know somewhat about software development and if you want to know more, pick up on some of the online courses that are offered for cheap prices all over the world.

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