The 8 Biggest Tech Firms Competing with Apple

Apple is one of the biggest, if not the biggest tech firm. It was founded back in 1976 by Steve Jobs in a small garage in California. When it was created Jobs never thought that it would become the multinational corporation that it is today. They create and produce new innovative electronic products and their products have become some of the most popular products worldwide. The very first product they ever created was a computer called the Apple I and as soon as they’d finished developing this they moved straight onto trying to improve it and creating a newer, better model called the Apple II. Since then their products have come a long way, they are much more advanced and complex. The release of the iPod is what really changed the game for Apple and since then they’ve only become more popular. Apple deserves to be such a widely loves company as they have many great qualities they work on a top vps server, they put lots of time and resources into security for their customer’s data and they have some of the best-designed products. Because of their great success in the tech industry, Apple has many competitors who are racing for the top spot in the tech field.


Samsung is seen as Apple’s biggest rival. Samsung or Apple is one of the biggest debates among consumers about tech, Apple has dedicated supporters who would only purchase Apple products for their phones and computers but Samsung also has a dedicated base. Many people swear by Samsung products and wouldn’t even think about buying an Apple phone. This creates healthy competition between the two companies forcing them to both works harder, to create newer and better technology to be more successful than their competitor. Samsung was founded much earlier than apple back in 1938 in South Korea but Apple managed to overtake Samsung as the most successful tech company even though Samsung had this head start.


Microsoft is another extremely successful tech company that is in competition with Apple. They revolutionized technology, at a time when the average American citizen was still using typewriters and everyone having mobile phones was unheard of, 2 people – Bill Gates and his childhood best friend Paul Allen started developing computer software that would change everything. They started the company in Albuquerque in New Mexico but moved their company to Washington State in 1979. Now the company is a multinational one and in its first few years, the company did so well that Bill Gates became the world’s youngest billionaire, only 3 years after the creation of the company. After their initial developments, they developed windows which is a popular program that is still commonly used today.


Dell is another fantastic tech company that has been competing with Apple for a long time. This company is slightly different and in a way more impressive as the company was created by a student in Austin, Texas. Alongside completing his University degree he managed to create a multinational company from his University accommodation. His main product was an IBM PC-compatible computer that he would build from stock components, something none of his competitors has done which left a gap in the market for him.


This is a company that was created and registered in Hong Kong, it was incorporated in 1988 and was originally called Legend Holdings before changing its name to Lenovo. This company is a massive threat to Apple as a competitor as it has already become the largest PC company in China. This trend is continuing, and Lenovo is becoming more and more popular worldwide as it now operates in 60 countries and sells products in more than 180 countries which could be seen as a big threat to Apple’s top spot.


HP is another successful tech company that was created in 1939 and was one of the most successful tech companies in Silicone Valley. It got its name as it is the initials of the two founders – Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, who attended University in California together and with the help of their professor managed to start this company. They didn’t start with computers but with audio oscillators which they managed to sell to Disney. It was in 1966 that they entered the computer market and they’ve always been a big threat to other tech companies.


Sony was created back in 1946 in Japan and instantly become popular. Their first product was a different tech product to most of these companies – it was an electric rice cooker. Most people are aware that in Japan rice is a staple in the average person’s diet so this product really targeted the right audience and was a massive success. They now produce a variety of products and are a big rival to apple.


This company was founded back in 1989 in Taipei. In the last 3 decades, they’ve developed a whole variety of products, many of which apple also create causing competition. Their most popular products include notebooks, laptops, mobile phones, and desktops.


This company was created in 1987 in China and over the last decade, it has become much more of a competitor as more of their products are being bought in the west than ever before. This is a competitor that Apple probably underestimated and now they now have connected over 3 billion people in 170 different countries.

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