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Curso de Photoshop por adobe Ingles

Photoshop Tips Ingles

3D Sphere
3d Spheres are easy to make once you know the right tools to use. Step 1: Open a new document of 200x200 pixels

3D Text
First, start by creating three layers above the back ground layer. Name the topmost layer Face, the middle layer Edge

3D Text Swoosh Logo
This is a popular logo technique. Just look around, this effect is everywhere. Often the swoosh goes around a sphere or another object

4-Way Fire
For all you pyro-maniacs, this tutorial shows a technique on creating text with fire coming out of all four sides of a block of text.

Absolute Cross
# 1 - Alien Text Effect # 2 - Seamless Nebula, Texture # 3 - Burnt-in Text Effect # 4 - Text Drop Shadows # 5 - Making Round Edges

First lets start by creating a black layer. This layer will serve as the background. Next, add a new layer containing the text part of

Beveled Buttons
Start with a document size of 100x100. Draw a circle with the elliptical marquee tool. In this example it was a 75x75 circle.

Burnt Page Edges
The following tutorial will teach you how to create burnt edges on a picture -- only you won't have to use matches this time!

Burnt Paper
First make a new image 230 x 230 pixels. Then create a new channel...."Alpha 1" If you don't know how to create a new channel, go to this page.

Carved Wood
1. Start with a canvas size of around 400 X 400, this is up to you. 2. Choose a wooden color, and fill the background with this color.

n this clip from "Total Photoshop," Deke McClelland demonstrates a sophisticated technique for creating chrome type using

Cloud Magic
This Photoshop tip takes advantage of the fact that the Clouds and Difference Clouds filters in Photoshop

Create Water in 5 Easy Steps
There's many ways to do nice water, and here is one way to do it: Create a new Image 300x300 pixels. Fill the background black.

Creating Drop Shadows
First, place your text on a new layer. Then, create a layer directly underneath it and name it Drop Shadow

Custom Shapes using Step & Repeat
This is a great technique to create some advanced shapes and patterns yet it's a very simple technique.

Dodge and Burn
Rediscovering the Dodge and Burn. If Photoshop's Toolbox were a "real" tool box, there are two tools that would probably

Filling Text Effect
The first thing you have to do is of course fire up Photoshop, the second is to create a new image you can make the "base" for your image.

Firey Text
1. Create new Document. 2. Make sure that the colors are black on top white on bottom on the tools menu, if that is not shown

Gold Text
Okay, first create a new file that is 400x400 pixels. The bigger the better. Easy huh?

Grayscale Texturing Technique
In this tutorial I'll show you the technique I used to create this sword. Paint the general shape in 50 % gray...

Handmade Touch
The "handmade" touch in Photoshop. In this clip from "Total Photoshop," Deke McClelland demonstrates how to

How to Make a Cute Red Heart
n this tutorial i will show you how to do a nice litte heart :) .. Push M to select the "Eliptical marquee tool"

Icey Text
Create new make sure the resulution is 72 pixels/inch; mode=greyscale; contents=white

If you think about Photoshop's Layer Options box at all, it's probably as "that place where you can rename your layers."

Magic Wand
The mysteries of Photoshop's Magic Wand. The principle behind Photoshop's Magic Wand tool is simple:

Navigational Interface
In photoshop create the image you want for the interface...set the background color to the same color as your webpage's background color.

The Power of Genetics
In this tutorial I will explain how I used a 3D modelling package (Strata Studio Pro) to create the monster in the image "Lurker's

Rave Dots
Step 1: Create a new document and make the size 200 by 200 pixels. Go to the channel tab and add a new channel.

Realistic Wood Texture
Here is a tutorial that I've created on how to create realistic wood, using Photoshop.

Rocky Textures
This is probably one of the first textures I learned to create in Photoshop and is still the simplest effect to achieve.

Saturn's Rings
Step 1: Start by creating a 150 pixel by 150 pixel image with white as the background. Step 2: Then you will need to click the

Seamless Photographic Textures
Before we start with photographic height maps for terrains, the cornerstone of all my recent images are so-called seamless photographic textures

Seamless Textures
The following steps will show you how to create a seamless pattern tile without using filters in Photoshop version 4.0.

Seamless Textures from a Scan
Using a flatbed scanner, you can use virtually any object that will fit onto the scanner as a background for your web page.

Secrets of Good Gamma
Cross-platform computer users have probably noticed how different the same image can look when viewed on a Mac or PC screen

Photoshop tutorial : spectacular stars. Create dazzling brilliant stars to add sparkle to and brighten up your digital imagery.

Squiggly Tentacles
So, is it me or have those squiggly tentacle looking things popped up everywhere? Well here is one way to make them.

Squiggly Tentacles Part 2
OK, for part 2 we'll look at making these squiggly things look a lot better. I always like the shiny plastic look so we'll start with that.

Star Field
Begin with a canvas.. any size you like. I used one 400w x 100h because of my size constraints on this page.

Stippling for a Splattered-Paint Effect
For a rich, textural look to designs created in Adobe® Photoshop®, try placing spatter-painted or airbrushed shapes on top of each

Transparent GIFs
If you're using Photoshop 3.0, you'll need to get the Gif89A Export Filter from Adobe.

Understanding Layers
The following Photoshop Tip will help you to understand layers and composite modes

Volkswagon Logo
Let start with a blank image that is 250 px x 250px. The VERY first thing I always do is to double click on the background layer

Wood Textures
Ordinarily I'd say this would fall under a beginners tip section if it wasn't for the heavy use of filters and tweaking involved

Zoom Text Effect
Start off with a 600 X 200 image, black background select the type tool and enter some text, color white, use bold font works best


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