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Manual de Lightwave

A Quickie Guide to IK in LightWave 6.0
Load IK-tutorial.lws. The left leg is already setup so you can refer to it if you have a hard time following the tutorial.

Beasty's 3D tutorials
This is the place where I put the tutorials I make.If you are just starting to make scenes in

Beginner's Tips & Tricks
Lightwave/Modeler might be a very powerful and very expensive piece of software but it is by no means error free

LightWave 3d en ingles

Blow-up a Planet
Today we are going to blow up a whole planet. Not a very nice thing to do or experience too close, but indeed very spectacular

Bones in LightWave
LightWave 5.6 Bones. Here are a few tips on how to use bones in LightWave 5.6.

Bones and Weight Maps
New to Lightwave 6, bone weight maps allow users to control the amount of influence a bone exerts over any given point

Somebody told me they liked my Buckyball and wondered how I made it. Well, here's a short explanation. A Buckyball, or

Camera Zoom
While working on some routines for Visual FX for Image FX, I decided to try one of them through Lightwave as well.

Character Setup in Lightwave 6.0
This tutorial goes through the steps to do a basic character setup using some of the fun tools in Lightwave 6.0.

Making realistic clouds is a lot easier than you might think at first. You might try putting a texture-mapped dome over

Combine a Photo and a CG Object
Based on the winning picture now a step by step tutorial. This is a remake of the project, not the one we have made for the dialogos.

Coplanar Overlapping Polygons
Here's a wireframe diagram of a scene with two flat rectangles, one red and one blue.

Crank Shaft Tutorial
The documentation that comes with Lightwave 6 is, to be brutally honest, majorly lacking in some areas.

Deform object by a path in Lightwave 6.0
The deformation of objects on a path always was a problem for Lightwave. Certainly, any problem is soluble.

Discontinuous Textures LW 6.5
Some of the most simple objects and texturing schemes can still require discontinuous textures. Let's try a box first.

Eki's Modeling, Surfacing, Lighting an outdoor scene
Lightwave and Photoshop tutorials: Modeling, part one Lighting, part one Surfacing, part two The Great Outdoors This time we will create

Eki's surfacing with LW & Photoshop
Lightwave and Photoshop tutorials: Surfacing, part one Obligatory space vechile Here it is, in all of it's fast modeled current

Energy Beam Tutorial
Well to start with, this tutorial is to have a person shooting an energy beam out of their hand.

Exploding Cow Tutorial
This tutorial will show you how to explode objects in Lightwave. It is actually a very easy way, but the results are quite good.

Fixed Front Projection - Faking reality (LW6.5)
This is not so much a tutorial, but more a talk-through of how I used fixed projection mapping to recreate my own front door in LightWave

Flag Tutorial
This tutorial is more or less for those of you who either a) cant get motion designer to work, or b) have another 3d program that doesn't

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