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Flash tutorials

Flash tutorials

3D Motion
This tutorial was produced as a result of numerous requests for an explanation of how to do the 2D and 3D motion

3d Text Rotation
Step 1. Begin with some text created around a path. I used Fireworks to create the text then exported to .swf.

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ActionScript Mouse Hide using With
This lesson will show you how to use the mouse.hide action to create a custom mouse cursor.

In this tutorial we will learn how to how to make an image move using actionscript.

Actual Percent Loader
This tutorial will show you how to actually display the %loaded for your movies. It uses FS Commands and Javascript to control the loader

Adding MP3's
You will need the WinAmp program and the Flash4 player of course! Here's a sample MP3 that you can see the effect with Donovan

Advanced Buttons - Animated Buttons
Animated buttons provide advanced interactivity. Simple rollovers and down states are common, but when you create animated buttons..

Amplifying and Echoes
This tutorial was donated by Albert Holaso. It's a fun way to incorporate sound effects.

Browser Pop-Up Windows
This is without doubt one of the most requested tutorials/FAQ on any Flash tutorial site. Pop-ups are easy in HTML but in Flash require a little

Changing the Color of A Movie Clip
Step 1. Create a MC. Create a movie clip and place an instance of it on the stage. In the Instance panel, name the movie clip.

Check Boxes and Radio Buttons Simplified
This tutorial will show you how to use Check Boxes and Radio Buttons in Flash forms.

Continuous Feedback Buttons
This tutorial is designed to show you how to build what I call continuous feedback buttons.

Fading Effects
Insert your image or text on the stage. Make sure you group by choosing MODIFY, GROUP from the menu

Generic Scroll Bar
This tutorial is designed to show you how to build a generic scroll bar that can be used for most any application that requires scroll bar capability.

Inserting Sound Files in Flash
Go to FILE, IMPORT and then select your sound file.The file is then added to your library. You can access it by going to WINDOW

Intro to Flash 4
[Note: If you are using Flash 3, you'll probably want to go to our Flash 3 tutorial. This baby is for Flash 4 users only.]

Load Movie for Interface Design
This lesson will demonstrate how to load external Flash movies. A major benefit of loading external movies is file size.

Loops and If/Else
This tutorial is designed to show you how to use Loop Actions and If/Else Actions. In conjunction with this you will also see how movie

Motion Tween
This Tutorials will teach you how to use the motion tweening feature of Flash 4 and Flash 5. Motion Tweening is the automatic

Multi-scene Background Music Tutorial
This tutorial shows how to build a background-music on/off toggle that will work across multiple scenes.

Percent Loader using Bytesloaded (Flash5)
This tut will cover "How to make a simple preloader" it will even show the percent loaded! The main thing will be made with actionscript

Reading Variables
This example demonstrates reading variables from a text file on a remote server.

Text Animations in Flash
Insert your text on the stage by clicking the A icon on the toolbar. Highlight your text and go to INSERT, CONVERT to Symbol.

Text Scaling
The original intro was created by making an image of the text in a 3D program and then tracing over the letters in Flash.

Understanding Flash 4 Printing
The Flash Players now print Flash frames as vector graphics with high resolution offered by printers

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