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Manual de 3D

A Simple Laser
The following is a very basic tutorial on how to create a realistic laser for use in your 3DS MAX scenes.

A Simple Orb
The following is a very basic tutorial on how to create a reflective marble, or glass orb.

A Warp in Space
As part of one of my animation the first scene will be focusing on empty space, just stars and maybe a planet or a sun.

3D Manuals

Adding Glow Effects to Your Scene (Video Post)
When I first got started with 3D-Studio MAX, (those were the days with 3DSMAX 1.0 without any graphical gimmicks like in 3DSMAX 4.2

Adding Sound
When you insert a sound file, you can view the track for the sound. It looks like a series of vertical lines of different heights

Advanced Water Material
Advanced water-material using raytraced reflections. So you want to make some water that reflects the objects in the scene?

Anchor Feet in Character Studio
How to anchor feet in CS while in Free Form Mode. Nailing down feet in Character Studio R2 in a Free Form animation can be a little tricky

Animatable Caterpiller Track
This fairly simple tutorial will teach you how to make a very realistic and fully animatable caterpiller track.

Animating a ball rolling along a path.
This is a very simple tutorial describing how to animate a ball or a wheel rolling down an iregular path.

Barrel Tutorial
For this tutorial no plugins are required! I have created the scene with 3D Studio MAX 3.1.

Basic Buttons
Above is a sample screen shot of what the interface will look like. We'll go on to explore more in-depth the various sections of the screen.

Basic Keyframing (The Bouncing Ball, part 1)
This tutorial will introduce you to basic keyframe animation in 3D Studio MAX. 1. Open 3D Studio MAX, or select File | Reset.

Basic Modeling Techniques
Here are some modeling techniques to prepare you for my upcoming tutorials. I use 3D Studio MAX but even if you use different software

Blinking Lights
In this tutorial I'll show you how to make lights struggle to stay on. I assume that you know some basic knowledge of 3D Studio Max 2.5

Book Tutorial
This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to model a book. First off, create a box with 8 width segments.

Boolean Compound Object
This assignment will introduce you to 3-dimensional Boolean operations in 3DS MAX. 1. Launch MAX, or reset it using File | Reset.

Box Modeling a Cool Hovertank
Box Modeling. Read the instructions and work according to the pictures (look at the parameters).

Box Modeling an Alien
Before we get started, i'll just go over a few of the basics, in case you're a complete novice.

Brick Wall
This tutorial I'll demonstrate how to create a nice brick wall using bitmaps. As simple it sounds you may not get a realistic result

If you ever need to create bubbles for an animation, and would like to do it without spending a fortune on a plug-in that will

Build a Purple Alien
This is a 3D character building tutorial for 3D Studio MAX R3. The tutorial outlines how to construct a Purple Alien from polygons using

Bullet Time
This Tutorial is based on The Matrix key effect "Bullet Time." By using Keyframes it is relatively easy to set up the shot

Bumpy Guitar
I searched for a long time a solution for modelize the Bumpy board of this guitar. All software I had was'nt able to make it exactely as I wanted.

Camera Matching and Video Tracking
So, you got the big job break. That law firm you have been bugging for so long has finally come through and wants you to do an accident

A campfire is made with the help of a helper object. Helpers are non-rendering objects that assist in a number

Cave Scene
Okay, this is the image we're going to re-create. This tutorials show how to create the scene exactly as in the rendered image below.

Cave Scene (2)
In this tutorial we're going to make a nice looking cave scene. This tutorial is rather long one, but simple.

Cell Shading a Cartoon
The trick to making your animation's have a cartoon look is to render your animation twice. The first time you render

Character Animation
The object of this tutorial, is to learn you how to make a human walk with Character Studio. I assume that you are familiar with 3dstudio

Character Modeling using Box Modeling (German)
Wir wollen einen menschenähnlichen Character erstellen, der trotzdem einige besondere Merkmale besitzt.

Character Studio Tips and Tricks
Here is a tip for Character Studio. First Tip This is a trick I use to select Physique vertex's for link assignment using any of the

Chunky Explosions
Create a Teapot in the Top viewport. This is the object you will blow up. 2. On the Create panel, choose Particle Systems from the

Cloning and the Xform Modifier (Daisy)
We will be making a couple of flowers which blow in the wind. 1. Open 3D Studio MAX, or select File | Reset.

This time we learn how to make somekind of clothing "over" our character what we build in part I.

Cloth Exhibitor with Clothreyes
Create first a scene in Max with the Examesh, a cylinder and a simple shape extruded (these are collision objects, to "stop" the cloth), also, a box,

This is a VERY simple tutorial to show how the basic ClothReyes modifier works. For more information on ClothReyes

Clouds 2
After you are through with this tutorial you will know how to create realistic clouds with volume fog.

This section explains the special features of 3DStudio MAX and how they can be used for modelling and animation.

Create a Face Using Edit
Go to the Create button Go to the Primitives button Left click on Right click in the top viewport to make it active.

Creating a 3D Logo
The following tutorial shows you exactly how to recreate the picture above. It is not a step by step tutorial, but it gives you the main hints.

Creating a Lathed NURBS Surface
NURBS surfaces are objects created with curves instead of with polygons. To create a NURBS surface in 3D Studio MAX, you must

Creating a Photo-Realistic Orange
The purpose of this tutorial is to give you an understanding of lighting and texturing as well as a basic understanding of some lofting techniques.

Creating an Animated Sky Background
This is a quick tutorial on how to make sky backgrounds in 3D Studio MAX. As standard, MAX has the possibility to add

Creating Landscapes
Did you ever feel like playing God? Just a little? is a step by step walkthrough on how to at least be able

Creating Realistic Textures with Composite Map
When working on an animation like Show & Tell which has to be produced quickly but still look fantastic you're going to need to find a way...

Creating Underwater Scenes
Creating underwater scenes is one of those things. You need to know how to do it. And it's also quite easy to do

Custom Materials
One of the most rewarding aspects of 3D Studio MAX is the ability to make your own materials.

Custom Materials Part 2
In the previous section I explained the diffuse map and how to set a bitmap for it. The next step in creating convincing materials is to add...

Custom Materials Part 3
So far I've talked about the importance of diffuse maps and bump maps in designing materials. Diffuse maps provide color to the material, bump maps...

Custom Materials Part 4
In the last segment I talked about controlling the way light is reflected off of a surface in a MAX scene. Of course light can also be absorbed...

Dragon Wings
This tutorial shows you how to make a Dragon or Bat wing that is easily animated and the skin between the wing bones streches.

Dynamic Simulation
Select "dynamic menu". In figure1, you see its dialog. Click new button to create a new dynamic. As you see, our dynamic name is

Engine Glow
This is a very easy effect to obtain. You can do a wonderful engine glow without using Video Post and Lens Effects.

For this tutorial I assume that you have the basic knowledge of the 3D Studio MAX surface.

Expressional Eyeballs
The concept of this tutorial is to understand XForms and the benefits gained by using them. We will make eyeballs

Extrude (Logo)
Open 3D Studio MAX, or if it is already open, select File | Reset. 2. On the Command Panel, open the Create panel.

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