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Master MBA Internacional - International MBA

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Descripción Master MBA Internacional - International MBA

El Master MBA Internacional - International MBA es presencial y se imparte en Madrid, Shanghai y California. Tiene una duración de 90 ECTS.

The International Master's Degree in Business Administration- IMBA is a complete multi-campus program with an International vision. It has been specially designed to offer university graduates (with or without work experience) a unique learning opportunity.

Students are trained to develop successful professional skills aimed at executive positions in global business. In this context, international vision and experience are essential in order to meet challenges, achieve professional goals and secure a bright future in the world of executive management.

This International MBA includes four additional elements essentials for those who wish to work in an international Business environment:

• Educational and business experience in China and in the United States, where company culture and business practices are shared with students.
• A major management skills program.
• Use of the latest technology.
• Visits to companies and institutions which are leaders in terms of their projects, results and alliances.

The intercultural experience provided by the program is a great opportunity to explore successful business practices from around the world. The International Master's Degree in Business Administration is designed to compensate for possible educational gaps or deficiencies in traditional university programs, offering instead a strategic and international vision of business.

This full-time, multi-campus program is given entirely in English at the IEDE Business School facilities in Spain and China. Through an agreement with the University of California, Irvine (U.S.), a campus with a high percentage of international students, the program is completed with three months at this American university.

During this International MBA,- students have the opportunity to learn how businesses are run in Europe, Asia and North America, areas of the world which set the standards for business leadership. Even more, the United States of America, China and Spain (as being part of the European Union) constitute today 3 of the 4 more important worldwide economies (PWC report_2010).

The International Master's Degree in Business Administration encompasses complete executive training that reinforces the future manager's strategic vision.

It begins in Madrid with 400 hours of intensive training over four months, providing the core material in a professional MBA: Management strategy, finance, operations, marketing and communication, personnel management and management skills.

At the same time, students complete an On-line Introduction Course in Project Management given by U.C. Irvine, IEDE’s partner campus in California during this period. This provides the student with valuable management knowledge to apply throughout the course.

Semester in Shanghai
During the four-month Shanghai stay, learning focuses on the economy, management and business in Asia.

Students learn the rules, techniques and values of administration and management in China: the role of government in business, the rules of finance, marketing and sales, the regulations and international agreements promoting international trade, talent and personnel management with multicultural teams.

The semester in Shanghai complements the first part of the program, as students continue to develop their management skills through case studies. At the same time, students learn to apply these skills to the unique aspects of the Asian business market, a market governed by distinct negotiation strategies.

Semester in California
The final part of the International Master's Degree in Business Administration takes place on the campus of the University of California, Irvine (U.C.I.) in the United States.

Since U.C.I.’s creation in 1965, it has achieved an extraordinary reputation due to its professors, graduates and in-class and online training methods. U.C.I. is a member of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is accredited by the WASC Steering Committee.

The students of this International MBA will have the chance to participate in two courses: Global Operations and Project Management, in which they learn about the following:

• Professional opportunities in international business and International trade.
• Specific skills in the areas of international finance, stock markets, financial negotiation and commerce and strategic International marketing.
• Strategies and polices required to run international businesses.

• Assessment of international projects in any area: imports and exports, marketing, investment, finance, etc.
Students who successfully complete this part of the program will receive a Certificate in Global Operations and Management from the University of California, Irvine.

• Full-time program given entirely in English by senior Management professionals.
- Degree Program adapted to comply with Royal Decree 1393/2007.
• Official certification of graduate degrees is a fundamental requisite within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
• Includes a complete international immersion for 32 weeks at the IEDE campuses in Madrid and Shanghai, as well as a 12- week period at Irvine. Therefore, students can learn from three different cultures.
• Visits to prominent companies, a great experience offering a vision of the international business scene, its
opportunities and risks.
• Native professors on all three campuses (in Europe, China and the U.S.) and other visiting professors from around the World who participate in the program.
• Students from different countries, providing a multicultural learning atmosphere, plus an international network. Chinese classes for all students.
• The opportunity to participate in the Global Operations Management and the Internship to gain professional experience.

Skills demanded by businesses and company leaders:
- Global vision
- Ability to focus on results
- Flexibility
- Project analysis and decision-making
- Team management
- Leadership and innovation
- Negotiation and sales skills
- Entrepreneurial spirit


The success of any program depends greatly on the selection of the faculty.

At IEDE Business School the students have the benefit of an international faculty with more than one hundred professors who encompass all the areas taught in the MBA. The professors are of various nationalities and have broad experience in the international professional environment and in senior management.

Many of them are professionals with doctorate degrees who complement their vocation for management and economics with other research and academic work.

The demanding requirements of the faculty in no way impede their approachability; students may consult them outside of lectures, a quality that reinforces the School’s personal relationship with students.

The lecturers transmit in a logical, systematic and practical way the knowledge and skills needed for success in the Business environment. The attitude of the staff is demanding, which stimulates students' will to achieve greater goals. Accessibility of faculty (allowing students to consult them on matters beyond the classroom environment) reinforces the personalized relationship of the School with its students.

All faculty members have distinguished track records as executives, entrepreneurs or consultants and complement their professional lives with teaching.

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