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Master International Business Program

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Descripción Master International Business Program

El Master International Business Program es presencial, se imparte en Alicante y tiene una duración de 210 horas.

Our experience here at FUNDESEM Business School has revealed the high contribution that students from different nationalities always have when it comes to the enrichment of the study environment.

Given the fact that English is an internationally spoken language responsible for most of the business networking processes, Fundesem Business School has designed a 100% English spoken International Business Program (IBP) which offers you the opportunity to acquire a multinational business culture and at the same time improve your Spanish by reinforcing it in the mornings as well as by living in Spain.

The Program is based on the same practical methodological approach that is common to all FUNDESEM programs and covers the key areas involved in running a successful company. Therefore, two facts must be mentioned.
The teaching process is mainly based on case studies, on creating and simulating situations that occur in the real business environment.

Given this, the benefits to students are clear: the development of analytical thinking, coherence in creating a business plan, integration in an interactive team and the acquisition of other skills which will be of great help when it comes to their level of performance in the international business scene.

At Fundesem we rely on professionals, rather than teachers, when it comes to delivering the information. Our teaching team is composed of business people who work for highly-recognized companies in key areas such as international trade, consulting, marketing, banking and many others.

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