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International Master in Business Administration

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Descripción International Master in Business Administration

El International Master in Business Administration es presencial, se imparte en Alicante y tiene una duración de 600 horas.

Our experience here at FUNDESEM Business School has revealed the high contribution that students from different nationalities always have when it comes to the enrichment of the study environment.

The business environment is no longer confined to a company’s homeland, trends and needs have broadened its scope, causing multiple internationalization processes. Consequently, when it comes to business studies, English is, undoubtedly, the preferred language of study.

As a response to these global changes Fundesem has designed a 100% English spoken, one-year duration International Master in Business Administration (IMBA) which is meant to develop your abilities to lead international corporate initiatives, while reacting to a highly competitive business environment. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to obtain an internationally recognized Spanish Language Certificate as a result of the Spanish as a Foreign Language courses provided within the Master.

Fundesem´s methodology is one of the decisive factors which generate both our students´ success and our international recognition as a valued Business School. Why? Well, there is a simple word that describes it all: PRACTICAL. Case studies underpin most of the courses, thus enabling the students to analyse real business situations, argue and support their own opinions. Moreover, teamwork gives the participant the opportunity to interact, share solutions and points of view, in order to respond to the current challenges of the business environment.

More than teachers...Professionals!

Obtaining an International MBA Degree draws a clear path towards a future business career or a step forward in the current one. That is why our teaching team is composed of professionals, with great experience in key positions in well-known companies, in such areas as consulting, marketing, international affairs, strategic planning, banking and auditing among others. A perfect combination between teaching skills and business knowledge ensures that the information is delivered well and easily understood.

If we were to point out some of the positions that our teachers have in the business environment, a short list would look like this:
·    International Business Coach
·    Bank Manager
·    Company Director
·    Marketing Manager
·    Deputy Director of General Management
·    Head of Strategic Planning
·    Sales Director
·    National Manager
·    Head of Legal Affairs and Litigation Service
·    Human Resources Manager
·    Private Banking Advisor
·    Development Engineer

In companies such as:
·    Inditex, Tempe S.A.
·    Gestevision Telecinco S.A.
·    Bang&Olufsen
·    Pepsi&Co.
·    Procter&Gamble Netherlands
·    Repsol YPF
·    Hewlett Packard
·    AES Cartagena
·    Royal Bank of Scotland
·    Fortis Bank
·    Pricewaterhousecoopers
·    Act Impact SL

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